Friday, July 8, 2011

The BIG Day

Okay, so today is the big day! Ellie comes home to our apartment.  And no, if you were wondering, Ellie is not our child, Ellie is our beautiful little kitten.  Boy kitten, at that. But don't judge, it's my cat, and I have the right to name it whatever I want.  We are adopting it from a Humane Society and it's current name is Neville (just like the character in HP - Harry Potter, if you didn't get that). So Neville and Ellie kind of our the same, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.
There has been some "decision" about what to name the cat.  I loved Ellie from the beginning that way I can call it Ellie Bellie (cheesy I know).  N, on the other hand, didn't care at all.  He actually wasn't that big of a fan of cats 2 months ago, but my constant whining for a cat finally broke him and I think that he is more excited about the cat than I am.  He doesn't say anything about the fact that our BOY cat has a GIRL name.  The people I work with on campus feel as though he is going to have personality issues.  They told me that I should just save Ellie for my child.  Okay, so when my baby girl asks my why I picked Ellie as her name the answer will be, "Well actually we wanted to name the cat that, but it was a boy, so you were second choice." What a horrible parent I would be if that actually was the explanation.
I am actually changing my work schedule around this kitten.  I start work earlier, not happy about that, and get done sooner so that the kitten isn't alone too much. Yeah, I will be that parent that will suffocate my kitten.  According to N, I am going to have the whole night to "bug the hell out of the cat." Thanks N.

k : )

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